What is the Best Way to Remove Spyware?

Now that you understand what spyware is, how it gets onto your computer, and the security issues it can create, you probably need to eliminate this dangerous pest. You can accomplish it in two ways: manually, or from an anti-spyware program. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious that a particular program is a spyware. In cases like this, you may try to remove it manually. For Windows users, you can eliminate certain programs by going to your control panel (from”Settings”) and selecting the”Add/Remove Programs” function. Once there, you will find a list of apps.

Click on the program you think to be spyware and choose”Remove”. Be certain that you restart your computer following the removal to make sure all changes needed for the spyware to be removed are complete. Unfortunately, the majority of the time removing spyware isn’t this simple. If you uninstall the app the spyware came with, it does not follow that the spyware will be uninstalled too. Additionally, many spyware applications are invisible, meaning that they won’t appear on your program list.

Spyware can also disguise itself by using dozens of different file names in different places, or even by generating random names so it is not as readily detected. Even if a spyware app appears in your program list and you may uninstall it, not all traces of the program are constantly eliminated. In cases like this, you need to use an anti-spyware program. The first rule of eliminating spyware by using a specialized program is not to rely on anti-virus programs. Because spyware differs from viruses, you want a different program to get rid of it.

We propose using the spyware removal software XoftSpySE from Paretologic, among the most trusted spyware programs in the marketplace. Begin by downloading the latest version of XoftSpySE, which you can do in the Paretologic site. This ensures the program is currently on what spyware to search for and how to locate it. Next, depart all browser windows and apps you have running. You also need to disconnect your computer from the internet.

These functions impede the performance of the spyware remover as it can not scan files that are in use for spyware. The more activity you have going on in your computer, the more likely it is that spyware is open and functioning also. After everything is exited and you’re disconnected from the internet, run a scan using XoftSpySE. Once you run a scan with your anti-virus program for the first time, restart your computer and run a scan again. This ensures nothing has been missed the first time.

Allow the program to remove any extra spyware files. If suspicious files were found during the next scan, then restart your computer and run the spyware remover. Keep repeating the scan-restart-scan procedure until your XoftSpySE can’t find any more spyware. If you repeat this procedure three times and your spyware remover keeps finding spyware, or if your app can not find any spyware but you think there is still some left, you can then try a scan with another bit of anti-virus software, at this stage a freeware application should do the trick, SpyBot Search & Destroy is the top freeware spyware removal program and running it after performing a set of scans with XoftSpySE will rid your PC of any residual spyware.